We Are Trexcelerator

Our purpose is to enable organizations shape their transformation roadmap comprehensively.

Our Vision

Simply help transformation managers:
  • explore their journey comprehensively,
  • prepare their changes effectively, and
  • direct their transition successfully.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the tools and the know-how for organizations to elaborate and shape their corporate transformation successfully:
  • We aim for simplicity where complexity threatens execution.
  • We create clarity where transparency is blurred.
  • And we provide perspective where vision is restricted.
Our goal is to unleash and leverage the potential within our customers organizations and facilitate a successful change of direction.

As Practitioners, We Love Concepts and Tools That Work

We, at TREXCELERATOR, are practitioners by heart. We love concepts and tools that work. Moreover, we detest organizational waste. In fact, when we observe the harm that corporate inertia and organizational friction bring to an enterprise’s business, it physically hurts. 
As we have discovered during our many years of successful professional experience, large and well-established organizations are breeding grounds for an immense waste of time, energy, and money. This comes at the expense of business owners, those working in the organization, and society more broadly 

We Help Corporate Customers Improve Their Business

Faced with the increasingly disruptive dynamics of digital and technological progress, a growing number of enterprises are recognizing that their past methods may not be future proof, and that they must innovate and transform in order to mitigate the risk of being swept away by market revolution. 
Thus, digital transformation has recently become the "name of the game” with regard to corporate IT strategy. Still, although many companies have engaged in transformation, many have failed. This is not because they engaged for the wrong reasons or pursued the wrong goals, but because their narrow focus on digitalization led them to miss what digital transformation really is: a comprehensive business transformation journey.

Our Goal Is to Improve Your Performance

Having supported clients through a hands-on approach across all levels of corporate change, we have developed a reliable perspective regarding the challenges and success factors of corporate transformation activities. We have inhaled the acrid smell of smoke that develops when spinning wheels burn on the asphalt without gaining traction. And we have understood what it takes to do better.
Enter the idea of the Transformation Board. As simpleminded as we are, we determined that we should do something to help businesses succeed, specifically by providing a simple structure of the main building blocks that must be taken into account when designing, challenging, and improving transformation strategies. This tool does not invent anything new or overcomplicate things; rather, it is easy to understand and easy to apply. This structure is as simple as the Business Model Canvas, but focuses on the “how" as opposed to the “what." Thus, the TREXCELERATOR Transformation Board was born.

We Strive For Perspective Where Clear Vision Is Required

As practitioners we know: Especially with regards to corporate transformation, there is not one-size-fits-all approach. There are no five golden rules, which you can follow and be sure that you will be doing fine with your transformation. And neither is it sufficient to just jump on the “agility train” and travel south, hoping for better weather.
We believe that transforming an enterprise as well as any other kind of organization requires developing a different, comprehensive perspective on its business in the first place. To explore the parameters of the required changes before elaborating the roadmap and preparing for the journey. And to create a better, more thorough understanding of what really needs to be done, before taking action.

Our Tool Is the Catalyst for a Balanced Transformation Strategy

This is not to say that we don’t believe in modern organizational practices like Design Thinking, Value Proposition Design, lean/agile development practices, or a sociocratic approach to designing organizational structures. In fact, we do. Very much, indeed.
However, we also know that leveraging these methods only makes sense if done holistically. When they are implemented solely in a narrow context, without sufficient executive gravity, and in an unprepared organizational environment, the change is bound to fail. Such an initiative will achieve the opposite of what was targeted; it will create organizational waste, increase change resistance, and negatively impact organizational performance.

Think Big – Act Holistically – Avoid Waste

We would like to help companies and their transformation leaders to avoid these pitfalls. We believe that the use of a simple tool and a small investment of time and energy can go a long way in creating and visualizing a comprehensive transformation vision and roadmap, in minimizing organizational waste, and in completing a successful transformation journey.
The Transformation Board is the tool to achieve this. Our goal is to improve your performance.

About Marc

Independent business strategist. Experienced management consultant. Servant leader. Family guy. Natural mover. Mind of multidimensional interest.
If You Ask Me, You Get…
...an honest answer based on my comprehensive expertise, experience, and personal faith. I believe in progressive collaboration and radical leadership. I stand for purpose-driven values and norms as the basis of cooperation. Moreover, I am convinced that when incorporated effectively, modern, lean, and agile methodologies will improve business performance and resilience by a magnitude. Successful transformation is key.
Background Check:
Top-level graduate in business administration. Strategy consultant by heart. Studied and worked internationally with stopovers in the US, UK, Ecuador, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. Father of two. Currently living in Bavaria, Germany. Began his professional career at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, and then helped ramp up Telefónica o2 Service GmbH. Partnered with Mike in 2008 and co-directed the joint management consultancy boutique since.

About Mike

Value-focused executive. Leader by nature.  Open-minded and outspoken. Takes no prisoners. Passionate biker. Information technology and gourmet food aficionado.
If You Ask Me, You Get…
...sound advice with clear direction, including recommendations and guidance based on years of executive experience and top-management consulting expertise. As a leader, I trust in the success of high-performance teams that excel in cross-functional competence, personal motivation, and individual responsibility. I am constantly searching for modern approaches to improve business approaches and success. My top priority is to contribute to the success of companies and clients for whom I work.
Background Check:
Served as a navy pilot. Graduated in law. Pioneered an online platform for legal services. Climbed up the career ladder at T-Mobile. Led the technical integration of Avaya and Tenovis as CIO. In the role of managing director, launched the Telefónica o2 Service GmbH as a corporate speedboat. Founded Michael Henze + Partner in 2008 with Marc, which has been guiding multiple large companies through transformational programs since.